MLPA Powered by Joola Announces Dates and Format for Season 2 Draft

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

MLPA Season 2  Draft Scheduled for Thursday, July 4th

Major League Pickleball Australia (powered by Joola) today announced the dates and formats for the upcoming 2024 Season 2 Draft - Thursday, July 4th, at 5:30 pm AEST  

The Season 2 Draft will take place remotely and see 36 players selected in addition to the 12 Team Captains. Two men and two women will round out each team roster. 

A snake format will determine the selection order– where the draft order will reverse in the second round, and a repeat of the initial round for round 3. Draft slots have been determined via last to first finishing order of Season 1. The draft and teams will have three minutes to make each pick once they are on the clock.

2024 Season 2 Draft Order

The MLP Australia 2024 Season 2, will take place in three locations:

  • GOLD COAST - August 30th - September 1st
  • VIETNAM - October 18th - 20th
  • MELBOURNE - November 8th - 10th

2024 Season 2 Draft Regions

To apply for the 2024 Season 2 Draft, fill in the application by June 16 - Draft Application

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The final draft pool for the MLP Australia 2024 Season 2 Draft to be held on July 4 can be found below.
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